December 2022

Keep on movin’

Keeping up your mindful movements each day, even when you don’t feel your best, is super important for your long-term health and wellbeing. No one enjoys being sick; it’s miserable, your body is fatigued, your appetite is non-existent, and you can often feel like you just have no ‘get up and go’. So, how can […]

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Future Proof Yourself

We all know that it’s super important to get enough exercise, not just for the immediate benefits, (such as feeling fitter or being less puffed walking upstairs), but to help prepare yourself for the future. So, what can we do right now to ensure a healthy and mobile future? Often, when people think about exercise

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Mindset reset!

How would you describe your mindset? Are you stuck in your ways? Or are you open to change? And how does your mindset affect your overall health and happiness? There are two types of mindsets – fixed or fluid. People with fixed mindsets find that they can typically be stuck in their habits and are

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