99 Problems

I’ve got 99 problems but NOURISHING myself ain’t one! I’m the kind of person who has a DIRTY mind, but my food and hands are always CLEAN!

LOOKING good and FEELING good go hand in hand. If you have a HEALTHY lifestyle, your DIET and NUTRITION are set, and you’re MOVING your body, you’re going to FEEL good. I believe that OPTIMAL health 100% starts with FOOD. Without quality nutritional intake, you cannot create great MINDSET because your gut health can significantly affect your brain function. Consequently, without addressing your food and gut health, EXERCISE will remain a struggle because you are not fuelling your MIND and BODY to perform to their GREATEST potential.

If you’re keen to become the BEST version of yourself, look at what you’re eating. Personally, I’m a REALLY busy and active person (by choice) and I always ensure I have my meals prepped in advance so I eat the right QUANTITY and QUALITY food to help me achieve my goals. Just remember, your health IS your wealth and you ARE what you eat., so why not set yourself up to BE your BEST?