Fitness Classes

Get your weekly dose of fitness, face-to-face or from the convenience of your own home, with a range of classes.

Virtual Pilates

Join Loz for your weekly dose of Virtual Classes from the convenience of your own home!

Loz will guide you comfortably through the moves and inspire you through each moment to keep your vibe high. With a focus on core strength, flexibility, balance and overall body awareness, you will be lengthening and strengthening your muscles and mind during these full body and brain workout sessions.

High-Tech Meditation

Can’t switch off your brain? Join Loz for a guided journey like no other!

During her signature live High-Tech Meditation events, you will transcend your mind, body and soul with a high-vibing guided mindful meditation experience as you energise and re-calibrate to a soulful brain-wave stimulated soundtrack for relaxation and recharge.

This full-body experience starts slow so you feel the ground beneath you and connect with your emotional, energetic and physical energies. With a focus on breath and overall body awareness, you will be encouraged to let go of negativities and embrace the depth of your heart with this sensory full-body experience.

No experience necessary – perfect for beginners or those you find it challenging to meditate.