High-Tech Meditation Coaching

Take your mind to the next level with personalised 1-on-1 or group facilitated coaching sessions.

Keen to level up your mindset?

Can’t switch off your brain? Join Loz for a guided journey like no other!

During her signature live High-Tech Meditation sessions, you will transcend your mind, body and soul with a high-vibing guided mindful meditation experience as you energise and re-calibrate to a soulful brain-wave stimulated soundtrack for relaxation and recharge, using a Muse brain sensing headband.

This full-body experience starts slow so you feel the ground beneath you and connect with your emotional, energetic and physical energies. With a focus on breath and overall body awareness, you will be encouraged to let go of negativities and embrace the depth of your heart with this sensory full-body experience.

No experience necessary – perfect for beginners or those who find it challenging to meditate.

Offering both individual and group sessions for up to 8 people, Loz will facilitate your progress on your meditation journey so you can live a more calm, resilient and focused life!