Be The Queen Of Your Own Damn Kingdom

Today is the day to THINK like a QUEEN. A queen is NOT afraid to FAIL because failure is just another stepping stone to GREATNESS. Every. Single. Woman. We are ALL queens and we all have DIFFERENT gifts to offer this INCREDIBLE life we are in TOGETHER. Can you see the DIAMOND that shines out to world from behind those MAGNIFICENT eyes when you catch a vision of yourself in the MIRROR? Do you recognise your AUTHENTICITY, do you ABIDE by it and do you TRUST it?

Sometimes, we all want to be the QUEENS but it’s humbling to consider that we don’t need a THRONE at all. Today, I don’t view myself as a QUEEN; I view myself as one of my GREATEST fans. Even on my WORST day, I’m KILLING it! Love me or hate me: either way, I’m gonna SHINE because I do a thing called WHAT I WANT ??

These days, if it’s not making me MONEY, making me BETTER or making me HAPPY, then, honestly, I just don’t have time for it. Lately I’ve just been putting pen to paper, money where my mouth is and my heart on my sleeve and this has all made me realise that I am definitely DESIGNED with an UNSTOPPABLE spirit. You might be a WORK in PROGRESS, but EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Guess what? You’re getting a little WISER, a bit BETTER and a WHOLE lot STRONGER. REAL beauty? It only begins the MOMENT you decide to be YOURSELF