Beauty In Imperfection

IMPERFECTION is simply PERFECTION from the eyes of a BEAUTIFUL perspective. When we see SOMETHING or SOMEONE as IMPERFECT, it is a reflection of OUR limitations, not THEIRS.

This may sound stupid, but I have these INCREDIBLE moments where I am actually in AWE of my body. I have cellulite, stretch marks, asymmetry and scars – YES – but these are all just reminders of how much my flesh has CHANGED and MORPHED into the FIT body I live in today!

I believe that OWNING our story and LOVING ourselves through the process of our JOURNEY is the BRAVEST thing that we will EVER do. LET yourself be FLAWED because it makes for a much more INTERESTING story!

AUTHENTICITY is not something we HAVE or DON’T have – it’s a PRACTICE and a conscious CHOICE about how YOU want to live.

Living AUTHENTICALLY is a collection of CHOICES in the MOMENTS we live DAILY. It’s the choice to be HONEST. It’s the choice to be REAL. It’s the choice to SHOW UP and let your TRUTH be seen.

There’s no need to TRADE yourself for APPROVAL because YOU are MAGNETIC and BEAUTIFUL and THAT is ENOUGH.