Big Bum Bandit

Sometimes you just have to be YOURSELF and go out into the world with CONFIDENCE and COURAGE, even if you have to fake it till you make it.

I was always teased at primary school for being a bit of a WEIRDO. I had a big bum and big brains but they weren’t the traits that popularity beckoned.

I am actually SUPER grateful that I was BULLIED as a child because it has taught me a hell of a lot of RESILIENCE as an adult. Good LOOKS were never my forte and I have compensated over the course of my life my developing way more SUSTAINABLE aspects of my personality.

Funnily enough, I’m now UBER CONFIDENT and CAPABLE, and I authentically OWN it and ROCK it!

One thing I have learned from my experience competing as a bikini body builder is that you can have an AMAZING physique, but it is TRULY self-confidence that will SHINE its mighty RADIANCE beyond the facade of the flesh.

You may not be PERFECT but, I tell you what, YOU are AWESOME! The trick is to be YOURSELF and I PROMISE people will enjoy who YOU are. If not, FORGET ‘em. Being YOU is the most BEAUTIFUL version of yourself that you can possibly be!

People PLEASING? That just hides the REAL you. OWN who you are and you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Having only started competing in my 30s as a bikini fitness model just under two year ago, I now truly love to inspire other women to make sustainable changes to their lifestyles to reach their potential, both mentally and physically. It IS possible for you to LOVE the person you ARE and it’s OKAY to want to be BETTER than you were YESTERDAY.

Sometimes, we need to DROP the masculine energies we rely on to get us through certain situations and HARNESS our inner GODDESS. True BEAUTY begins in that MOMENT we decide to be OURSELVES with COMPLETE authentic SELF-LOVE.