Body Confidence and How to Embrace the Skin You’re In

Have you compared yourself to someone else today? Maybe it was that newbie in your office, or your sister, or the girl on Instagram who seems to have it all. Maybe it was me.

If you did and you’ve come to the conclusion that somehow you fall short, you’re probably not seeing how amazing you really are. Sure, we all have things we’re good at and standout features that others don’t have, but this doesn’t dictate our value. Whether you have a firm tummy or a wiggly one, you are FULL.OF.WORTH!


What is body confidence?

As children we started to develop a body image based on where we felt that we fit in. Messages from society, parents, family, friends, teachers and everyone around us helped us add little pieces to the picture. We usually took this info at face value, not realising that we could question it!

Body confidence is about accepting our bodies just how they are, imperfections and all. It is for all of us. Our size, shape, gender, colour or disability cannot exclude us because at its core, it’s about embracing everything that makes us unique.


What’s the big deal?

Body confidence is so important for our wellbeing! Being unaccepting of yourself has been proven to lead to higher levels of depression and eating disorders.

On the flipside, if you can embrace your body as it is, you’ll develop a better relationship with food, exercise, health and self-care.

Sounds good to me!


So how do you become more body confident?

First of all, focus your self-care on health rather than appearance. So instead of fad dieting to get skinny, eat to nourish your body for good health and exercise to feel stronger and more energised. Come from a place of love and respect for this incredible body of yours.

Avoid fake positivity though. Researchers discovered that when we try to pretend good thoughts or we repeat affirmations we absolutely don’t believe, it can actually make us feel worse!

If you feel like you hate your body, asking you to love it is a big jump. So, start by aiming for body neutrality, where you feel indifferent towards it. This is a great step towards realising that your body characteristics don’t dictate your worth. Then start recognising all the fabulousness you bring to the table just by being you!

Next, buy nice clothes for the body you have now, not some future body you hope to have. Express and honour yourself right now!

And if after all that, you still have some things you’d like to work on – like if you want to lose some weight to take pressure off your knees or to be fit enough for your dream job, then you know that you’re starting your journey from a place of self-respect and confidence. This is an amazing place to start, because you know you deserve to be well taken care of, nourished with fresh, colourful food and energised by exercise.

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