Choose the right program for you.

If you really want personalised results, Loz will coach you and guide you one on one. So much more than fitness alone, Loz’s approach will teach you how to master the Healthy Habit Hierarchy which focuses on the five M’s: Momentum, Menu, Mindset, Movement and Mastery. One plan doesn’t fit everyone and even with the right plan, if your head isn’t in the right place or your motivation is short lived you won’t achieve your potential. Learn how to align all of these factors and uncover the happiest, healthiest you.


  • Does your team need a little motivation each week?
  • Can your staff realise their potential through weekly mentoring?
  • Does your workplace culture lack energy?
  • Are the challenges of life getting your team down?
  • Are your team’s values, goals and actions misaligned with the direction of your combined values?
  • My small group coaching and mentoring mastermind sessions will fast-track your team to the life they’ve always wanted, sustainably
  • Sessions are designed to help your team perform at their best by covering everything from daily goal-setting, eating and sleep habits to motivation techniques and mindfulness.