The final but most crucial level in the Healthy Habit Hierarchy is the one that will truly transform your body, mind, and lifestyle— mastery. To put it simply, this is a place in your lifelong journey where you keep doing all the things I have taught you throughout this course and teach others to do …

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So, now that you’ve worked on unlocking your fears, fuelling your body, and creating structured goals, it’s time to focus on movement improvement. I’m often asked, “Do I really need to exercise?” The short answer is: exercise prevents disease. As an active person, you’re statistically less likely to develop osteoporosis, type-2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. …

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Momentum is the force that drives us, moving us on the course of our current trajectory at the speed of our past, present, and future lives. Momentum is all about harnessing energy because energy is a habit and its power is remarkable. How amazing would it feel to make informed decisions about everything you choose …

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