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At the very core of optimum living and sustainable wellness lies our inherent need for fuel. It’s the force that drives us to transform the quality of our lifestyle, giving us a sense of achievement, love, and fulfilment. This energy propels us to nourish our bodies, improve our mindset, train ourselves, and boost our wealth.

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, are accountable for your dietary choices, and you’re moving your body, you’re going to feel good. I believe that, after you’ve established your why, optimal health 100 per cent starts with food. Without quality nutritional intake, you cannot create a great mindset. This is because your gut health can significantly affect your brain function. Consequently, without addressing your food and gut health, exercise will remain a struggle. If you are not fuelling your mind and body to perform to their highest potential, how on earth are you supposed to maintain momentum on your path to mastery?

Let’s learn what to put on our Menu.