The Healthy Habit Overhaul

Ready to level up your habits to unlock your potential?

Creating a new habit can be a challenge and studies show it takes at least 66 days to establish a new behavioural pattern. Lucky for you, once a habit is formed it takes little effort to maintain and the more momentum your develop, the easier it is to stack additional habits to really transform your life.

Masterminds are an incredible and invaluable component of success. At the end of the day, we are the average of the people we spend most of our time with, so why not choose like-minded and inspirational people?

The Healthy Habit Overhaul Program Objectives

There are 3 objectives of my mastermind program.  It will help you:

  1. Create awareness and focus to develop a new healthy habit in any area of your life you choose that will help you reach a goal
  2. Work out what your current habit triggers are so you can break your ingrained behavioural patterns that are keeping you stuck
  3. Transform your life through accountability and peer support

Mastermind Program Inclusions

  • 5 fortnightly online masterclasses
  • 5 fortnightly accountability group coaching sessions
  • Access to our private group in MyPTHub
  • All course materials
  • Support from our community and team members
  • Discounted rates for one-to-one coaching outside of the program
  • Discounted rates for live events

To Qualify

To qualify for a position in this Mastermind you must:

  • Want to transform an aspect of your life
  • Be ready to invest in yourself
  • Have a desire to learn how to make better choices
  • Be able to commit to weekly online training (alternate weeks of webinars and group coaching) which is hosted on a weekday and runs for 45-90 minutes per session
  • Have a positive and motivated mindset


This exclusive program is limited to 24 motivated members.