Ditch the Distractions – Ramp up your Focus and Start Losing that Weight!

Do you ever get the feeling that you could achieve such great things, if you just had the time to focus? Maybe you’ve even proved this to yourself in the past, when you really dedicated yourself to achieving something tough and succeeded in the end.

Even if you haven’t yet, trust me – you can.

Distractions are the things that hold us back from chasing our goals. Some are unavoidable. For example, showing up at work may distract you from growing your business, but sometimes there are things we just have to do.

Other distractions ARE avoidable. To get control of them, we need to think about what they’re costing us and decide whether they’re worth keeping in  our lives.

If your goal is to lose some weight, this is absolutely achievable!

BUT you need to know that it will take some effort on your part. You’ll need to redirect some of your focus from other things. So, think about the silly distractions you already fall prey to every day, and kick them to the curb.


Give distractions the boot – here’s how!

Distraction awareness

First off, you need to become aware of the distractions in your life. Identify the things that seem to drag you off-course. Is it the beep of a notification coming through that leads you down the Facebook rabbit-hole? Or a well-meaning friend who insists on takeout every time you catch up?

Think about how this distracts you from your goal. In other words, what it’s costing you. Decide whether it’s worth it!


Dealing with distraction

If it isn’t, you can either eliminate it completely or set some boundaries. There are some fantastic apps out now that can help you get control of your screen time – because too much screen time isn’t just a problem for kids.

After this, figure out how long you typically concentrate for before needing a break. Go hard and give it your best during this time and plan your breaks to give your goals a boost. Stand up and do some jumping jacks, get a drink of water or do some meal prep.


Take care of yourself for optimal focus

Finally, giving your focus a boost is so much easier when you’re committed to taking care of yourself. This applies whether you want to lose weight, grow a business or complete a course.

Take time to nourish yourself with healthy food, lots of water, daily exercise and calming exercises. Meditation has been shown to improve focus and mental health, so it’s worth giving it a go.

Also, don’t forget to get your daily dose of sunshine and fresh air! This is so important for health, focus and wellbeing, so don’t be tempted to skip it.


What’s next?

Now that you have some techniques for dealing with distractions, the best way to achieve your goals is to fill that spare time intentionally with activities that will skyrocket your results.

That’s why I created my 60-day Body Blitz: Online Lifestyle Transformation Program. This comprehensive online program combines Habit Challenges, Recipe Packs and an At Home Fitness Program to provide you the flexibility you need to improve your daily habits and food choices and workout anytime.

The time to get intentional about your weight-loss success in now!