Getting STarted

When you’re getting started it can be really hard to know what tools or services can be used help you stop the habits that are keeping you stuck.  

Over the years I’ve played the role of human guinea-pig, testing hundreds of products and services to find what really helps you build better habits.

Here’s what I’ve found works best for my and my clients.  I hope they help you too!

Loz xoxo

Habit Building Tools

Habit Nest Books

I love the Habit Nest books!  With books to track all of your habits, or just specific habit stacks like nutrition or sleep, there’s so many great options that will help you make the best of your day.


Building your best self is easier with the tools from Best Self Co.  The journals and planners are great tools for keeping track of your progress personally, and I love using the Conversation decks in coaching sessions to prompt awesome questions.  

There’s so many great tools here!

Muse Headset

Find calm and stay focused with the Muse Headset.  Radically enhance your meditation practice – trust me, it’s AMAZING

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Block Blue Light

Improve your circadian rhythms and your sleep with glasses, lightbulbs and other products that block blue light that keep you up at night.

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How you breathe can really change your life, and the best tools I’ve found to help you get the best of our your breath have been the Oxygen Advantage team.

healthy heart network

So many of my clients are concerned about how to live a heart-smart.  My favourite recommendation for this is the Healthy Heart Network, which provides tools and information to help you  live for more moments that make your heart beat.

Meal Prep Services

My Muscle Chef
Keto Meal Plans

If you’re looking for a keto diet meal prep service, look no further than My Muscle Chef.  Their service has a wide array meals delivered to your home. 

Macros Meal Delivery

Fresh, ready-made meals will arrive on your doorstep each week!  I’ve used the Macros and their statement that they don’t sacrifice taste for nutrition is true.


Food 4 Fitness

Offering top quality sustainable nutritional food with premium protein, lower GI carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, Food 4 Fitness is the Meal Prep service I personally use.  

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Dineamic provides dietician approved, environmentally responsible, ethically sourced proteins & sustainable packaging meals.  What more could you want?

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ATP Science

Fresh, ready-made meals will arrive on your doorstep each week!  I’ve used the Macros and their statement that they don’t sacrifice taste for nutrition is true.

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WOW Mobility

Find supplements to boost your wellness and performance and exercise equipment for the home at WOW Mobility.

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I love these evidence-backed nutritional supplements.  They’ve been peer reviewed to distribute the ingredients at optimal clinical doses. 

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Elite Supplements

Elite Supps will help you build out the best possible version of yourself.  They can help you with their extensive knowledge and service.

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iHerb is your one stop shop for your health products, supplements, food & beauty items.  It really has the biggest range on one site!

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Therapies & Keeping Yourself Awesome


Chelsey Jean

Improve your health by stimulating your lymphatic system.

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Life Choices Coaching

Gain the clarity & confidence to live your best life with  life & empowerment coaching.

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Enlightened Therapies

Enlightened Therapies offer ENAR systems and additional energetic therapy devices for recovery & soul-centering.

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Let your skin breathe with the vegan, Australian-Made Mineral Makeup from BECOYOTE.

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Get the lash extension look without the salon or the salon prices.

This female founded Australian owned business has created these excellent waterproof lashes that last for up to a week!

my pt hub

Looking to grow your own personal training business?  One of my go-to software choices for supporting personal training clients is my pt hub. 

If you want to become a master personal trainer I recommend that you level up your fitness career and skills with a nutrition course.  I’ve taken the Clean Health certifications to expand my scope of practice so that I can provide nutrituion advice to my clients.

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Want to share your expertise but don’t have enough hours in the day.  I’ve created an AI Bot of my skills and expertise that helps clients take advantage of my knowledge without me there!

Get your own AI bot today!