Feeling Stuck?

When I was a kid, I used to play a game called stuck in the mud with my friends. Maybe you played it, or your kids do? We would all run around the back yard until one of us was tagged (by the “it” player), and then we were officially “stuck in the mud” (completely still, arms up, legs apart) until one of our buddies crawled through our legs to set us free.

Magically, we were instantly free to play again. If only becoming “unstuck” was that easy as an adult. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more work, but it can be done.

However, sometimes that mud feels more like quicksand, right? Sometimes you don’t just feel stuck, you feel like you’re sinking deeper and deeper, and you don’t know how to save yourself.

I hear the phrase, “I just feel stuck” daily. I get it. In fact, it’s the reason I started Loz Life. I genuinely love helping people move past feeling stuck to reclaim their lives and achieve their goals.

My whole purpose is to help my clients move from stuck to unstoppable. Cool, huh?

So why do so many of us feel stuck? And I say “us”, as I have been there too.

I have felt overwhelmed, stuck, lost, and scared. I have self-sabotaged my happiness. I have given in to feelings of guilt and shame, and I have used every excuse in the book for not making the right choices.

Sound familiar? But I did the work, and here I am today.

So how can you move from stuck to unstoppable?

Having a sense of a purpose is crucial. When you don’t or you lose it, you may experience an existential crisis – aka feel stuck.

Deeper meaning and purpose can serve as a compass for life. The passion you have for this purpose will motivate you out of stuckness.

Knowing your purpose, or your why, is the first step.

Next, you need to identify and own the fact that you are stuck, and this can manifest in several ways. We cover the following off in a wellness assessment.

  • Do you struggle to sleep well?
  • Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Have you gained weight?
  • Have you lost a significant amount of weight (unplanned)?
  • Does your diet leave a lot to be desired?
  • Are you lacking in energy?
  • Are you able to set and achieve goals?
  • Is your self-confidence lacking?
  • Do you find it difficult to relax?
  • Do you love who you see in the mirror?

We then need to identify where exactly you’re stuck, which could be one or many of the follow areas in your life:

  • Career
  • Personal development
  • Finance
  • Family
  • Fun
  • Health (physical, mental, emotional)

I can cover all these areas in a discovery call, so together we can identify where the blockage is. This requires a lot of honesty and self-reflection. Don’t worry – I’ll be there every step of the way.

Being stuck in one of these areas can quickly flow on to the others. You might be stuck in a dysfunctional relationship. This can reduce the amount of fun you have and happiness you feel in your life, bring about dramas with your family, and cause you to overeat (impacting your health and vitality).

Owning where you are at this exact place in your life and why is incredibly powerful and empowering. It’s the first step in moving from stuck to unstoppable, and honestly, it’s the hardest step.

Next, we will work to define what unstuck looks for you. What kind of relationship will make you happy and fulfilled? What’s the next step you should be taking at work? How can you move, eat, sleep, and recover better, for an unstoppable life?

And now, to the really fun bit … designing your dream life and the non-negotiable steps required to achieve it. Because a plan is essential.

So, what are the steps to move from stuck to unstoppable?

  1. Uncover and own your why, your purpose.
  2. identify that you’re unstuck – where and why.
  3. Define what unstuck looks and feels like for you.
  4. Design your unstoppable life
  5. Create a plan and crush it!

If you’re feeling stuck and would like to work through the above, head to www.lozlife.com to find out how I can help you move from stuck to unstoppable.