Haters Gonna Hate

There’s nothing more badass than being who you are. Don’t worry about the HATERS who talk behind your back – they’re BEHIND you for a reason. Behind every BADASS is an innocent soul who became tired of everyone’s BULLSHIT. Use your HATERS as your MOTIVATORS!

Sometimes the only difference between KICKING ASS in life and getting your ASS KICKED by life is a few right THOUGHTS, followed by a few right WORDS, all perfectly aimed in a beautifully right DIRECTION.

If you do the ABSOLUTE best you POSSIBLY can and come from a place of INTEGRITY, be PROUD of yourself. You don’t need to give a DAMN about what ANYONE ELSE thinks. If people aren’t IN the arena getting their ass KICKED, don’t be interested in their FEEDBACK.

Remember, when you feel like giving up, just remind yourself that WINNERS focus on WINNING and LOSERS focus on WINNERS.

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