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I'm a Healthy Habit Coach

Harnessing the transformative power of habit, it’s my mission to help busy people upgrade their happiness, health and vitality to take them from stuck to unstoppable.

With my team of energised coaches, Loz Life inspires purposeful, mission-driven people to prioritise their fitness, health, energy, and body confidence, so they can live longer, happier, more fulfilled lives.

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Stuck to Unstoppable

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My Proven Stuck to Unstoppable Blueprint

Improve your health, happiness and vitality with

The Healthy Habit Hierarchy

The Healthy Habit Handbook is the ultimate guide to transforming your life through the power of healthy habits. Find out how I faced my deepest fears, conquered massive challenges and rebuilt my self-esteem to ultimately find incredible success – and learn how you can too!


You’ll explore the 5 M’s:
Momentum, Menu, Mindset, Movement and Mastery
to discover how small changes can help you experience greater success in every aspect of your life.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Use this decision tree to discover the right journey for you.


Are you stuck in your life?

Do you know your life needs to change, but don’t know how to change your habits? Are you ready and invested to make changes to your life to get unstuck and make your life awesome?

As a token for your investment in yourself, and to help you take the first step to your new life, I’m offering a complimentary Discovery Call to help you identify your Stuck, define Unstuck and design Unstoppable.

Manage Your Weight &
Regain Your Life!

Our Weight Loz Menu Optimisation Program, powered by Dietflex, is a coaching program like no other, helping people discover their body’s individual carbohydrate tolerance for easier, hunger-free weight management.

Our team of trained coaches give clients guidance and accountability with weekly individualised coaching in person and online, providing a simple framework to predictably achieve your healthy body goals and increase your overall vitality. With a focus on establishing Momentum, you will refine daily Menu habits whilst being supported to help you achieve lasting change.

With several program options to choose from, these solutions help your body gain access to the energy stored in your body fat. This makes weight management and wellness easier and more sustainable. From this renewed sense of wellbeing, you’ll get more energy for movement and set your mind up for improved performance to claim back the energy you deserve!

Build Your Fitness Habits
& Get Unstuck!

Our extensive range of Fab-U Loz programs and services will help you unlock your mindset from the burden of busyness and burnout and kickstart your movement goals for a fitter, more fabulous future.

With an emphasis on small group training and individualised coaching, teamed with a personalised approach to holistic health, our specialised team will support you on your journey to improved mental and physical outcomes by facilitating your progress on your journey towards a healthy, happy and limitless life!

We offer both gym-based activities and at home experiences for all ages and abilities. Our approach centres on movement improvement, integrating essential elements of core strength, power, balance, mobility, postural awareness and optimised breathing for performance and sustainability.

Following a simplified approach to habit improvement, you’ll incrementally improve mindset and movement habits for easy lifestyle integration. When you stack these changes with the support and accountability of a team of coaches and like-minded community, you pave the way for meaningful lifelong results.

Master Your Habits Through
Bio-Optimisation & High Performance

Our application- and invite-only Luxe Loz coaching and mentorship services are specifically crafted for those looking to improve their physical and mental resilience through bio-optimisation and performance-based habit stacking strategies to take their life to the next level and skyrocket performance.

Designed to facilitate ongoing self-Mastery, our exclusive service provides access to online learning content, monthly challenges, weekly coaching and an extensive library of resources to lead you towards the extraordinary life you deserve. By accessing this sharply focused, cohort-based education, you have the opportunity to take massive action to change your life and continue your journey through Mentorship.

Through our cohort-based signature program, we identify your roadblocks, help you clearly design ideal outcome and then guide you to reach your full potential with bespoke solutions and peer-supported masterminds. Through coaching, you’ll fast-track your habit transformation and reach your goals so you can gain mastery in any area of your life. Our life optimisation coaching, powered by Flowcode, provides you with a roadmap to mastery and transcendance, integrating technology and science.

We can also help your corporate teams harness skills individually and collectively to smash goals and synergise productivity.

What are you waiting for? Apply to join our community of like-minded members who are ready to take their life to the next level.

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