Holey Moley!

I’ve been training pretty darn intensely for the past couple of years since my beloved first husband Brian passed away. It’s been a struggle in so many ways but I am BLESSED with every opportunity I have endured to become GREATER in every aspect of my MENTAL, PHYSICAL and ENERGETIC space.

Not that long ago, at the age of 33, I discovered, by sheer serendipity, that I have been living with a literal HOLE in my heart and this may be able to explain why I sometimes find life so CHALLENGING. It certainly would be contributing to my struggle to GAIN energy and lower body muscle mass because my blood is not being oxygenated effectively and I essentially have suboptimal blood circulating throughout my body.

Now, some people would take this news very differently. Me? I’m freaking STOKED that I now have some sort of logical answer and I’m PUMPED that I’ll be able to have surgery to have the hole covered up. My cardiologist has told me that I “won’t know myself” once my PFO is repaired and you know what? I’m just EXCITED about how much more I can potentially achieve if I’ve already achieved SO much up till now!

Unfortunately, this means I will no longer be aiming for my bikini show show in December (I need to take about 4 weeks off my regular training schedule) BUT, I’m keen to bring my BEST SELF YET stage next year with the help of my amazing support network of dears friends, coaches and mentors!

I believe that good things come to those who wait but I seriously cannot WAIT to GROW more, physically and emotionally, as I embark on this journey towards something even BIGGER!