How to Develop a Healthy Mindset and Achieve your Goals



Mindset is the buzzword we’ve all heard so much about in the last few years. It seems that everyone who’s ever achieved lasting fulfillment and success attributes it to their ability to develop the right mindset.

So, is mindset just the latest fad? Or is there really something to the idea that your mindset sets the tone for your whole life?

Well, research scientists and wellness practitioners have been looking very closely at the concept to see if it holds weigh, and the consensus is:

There’s no way around it. If you want to achieve authentic, lasting success, you have to get your mindset into shape!


1. What is this mindset mumbo jumbo?

When it comes to changing mindsets, some people become confused about what exactly they’re meant to do.

For example, I’ve had clients come along to coaching and say they’ve already tried developing a positive mindset and it didn’t work. When I delve a little deeper, it usually comes down to this: Someone, somewhere along the way, told them about this amazing thing called ‘The Law of Attraction’.

So far, so good…

BUT this well-meaning person usually describes a fantastic system where you simply spend a lot of time thinking about what you want, and it magically comes to you – without you having to lift a finger!

Now, of course this sounds amazing, so it’s quite easy to see why so many of us become caught up in the hype, think amazing thoughts… and get NOWHERE.


2. Why does this happen?

And does it mean changing your mindset and directing your thoughts towards your goals is a waste of time?

Absolutely not!

Let me be straight with you. The reason you didn’t wake up thin after two months of dedicated couch time thinking about your dream body is because Couch + Donuts + Thinking Sexy does NOT equal the recipe for weight loss success!



3. The secret to achieving your goals

The pathway to achieving your goals and maintaining the feeling of meaning, peace and satisfaction with life that we all seek comes from 5 pillars: Momentum, Menu, Mindset, Movement and Mastery.

Each pillar has to be strong and steady, otherwise life’s challenges will topple you when things get hard! That’s why I felt absolutely compelled to write the must-have guide to help my clients establish a strong base for change. The Healthy Habit Handbook takes you deeper into each pillar in a fun, engaging and easy to understand way, helping you set yourself up for success.

To understand why mindset is so important, imagine you’ve started to eat well and move your body every day. You’re feeling energised, looking good and are really happy with your progress.

Great, right?

Now for the test.

Imagine you’re walking down the road feeling great about how strong you feel and you pass your ex, with a hot young thing on his/her arm. You stop to say hi and the ex makes a comment like, ’Hmm, I see you’re trying something new. You’re brave, wearing pants like that…’

We’ve all heard those thoughtless (or even downright mean) comments at some point in our lives, and this is where it gets really tough.

All the confidence you felt will crumble. You might even buy a huge slab of chocolate on the way home and eat it while you cry on the couch.

BUT this is where the magic happens. IF you’ve been working hard to create a stable base of all 5 pillars, your mindset game is going to be much stronger by this point than it was in the past.

When this happens, you’ll wake up the next day, return to your mindset wellbeing practises (you can find a perfect Mindset and Meditation Morning Routine here) and get right back on track.

Eventually, you might even get to the point where you feel sure enough of yourself to respond in a confident way at the time (think, ‘Pfft, whatever mate, you only just wish you could get into these pants!’ plus a big, confident smile).

But for now, baby steps!


4. Top tips for developing a bulletproof mindset

Now that you know the importance of developing a strong positive mindset that supports your goals, it’s time to find the best methods for you. I’m about to share some of my favourite tips, tools and techniques, so take note of anything that appeals and start right away!


4.1 Mindfulness

Take time to be fully present in the current moment. Consider what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

We usually live in our own little mental worlds that have very little connection to where our bodies actually are. This causes us to miss the butterflies, the taste of our food, or the sound of our child’s laughter.

There’s something very sad about that, so from today onwards set aside time to pay conscious attention to your real world. And if you come across something beautiful, STOP. Everything else really can just wait a minute.


4.2 Meditation

Following on from mindfulness, meditation takes the practise of being in the current moment to the next level.

As you become aware of your breathing, meditation helps you feel more present in your body. This helps you feel respect for the remarkable vessel it is, making it easier to choose loving habits and behaviours.

Once I became comfortable with meditation, I took my practise to the next level with a Muse brain-sensing headband. These can also help you settle into helpful meditation habits.


4.3 Get enough sleep

This can’t be emphasised enough – your body needs the right amount of sleep to ensure a healthy body and brain.

If you’re skipping zzzzz’s, you’re not going to be able to play full out!


4.4 Do a Social Audit

One of the best ways to develop a mindset that powers you towards your goals is to make sure the people around you are supporting that through their words and actions.

While you can’t always choose your family, for instance, you can choose to build a tribe that supports your growth.

For example, if you’re currently on a weight loss journey, you’ll need a weight loss tribe. A weight loss coach can also help you push through any barriers holding you back. If you aren’t sure where to get one, you can find a supportive coach and AMAZING weight loss tribe here.


4.5 Vision boards

To help you focus on what you want to achieve, get yourself a corkboard and some pins. Fill your board with everything you hope to achieve AND inspiring photos, pictures, and quotes of how you’ll get there.

So, for example, you can add the photo of you at your goal weight but put up some shots of healthy food or your favourite exercise too. This helps remind you of not only what you want, but also how you’re going to get there.

You can also use affirmation cards posted around the house to remind you of the new ways of thought and new habits you’re developing.


5. Ready to create rock-solid pillars to success?

If you’re committed to changing your life for the better, the best way is to fully commit! If you only put in half-hearted efforts, you’ll only receive half-hearted results.

That’s why I’ve launched the Healthy Habit Hierarchy Academy (H3A) to help people just like you get REAL results!

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