I’m Still Loz From The Block

Sometimes it’s good to remember where you started to really appreciate where you’re going.

This photo was literally the very first time I stepped on stage in the world of bikini fitness and body building. I was the first girl of the day to get up on stage at my show and had no freaking idea what I was even doing. I was super awkward, walking around in heels and a bikini and I kept knocking people out with my giant costume!

This particular day marked such a big step in my physical and psychological evolution. After going through the roughest twelve months of my entire life prior, this moment symbolised my decision to start living life on my terms and doing things that would deliberately make me feel uncomfortable. Little did I know that this was the start of a path that I’m still on and I LOVE IT.

Never forget how far you have come but have gratitude for every single opportunity that awaits to take you further than you ever dreamed possible

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