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Not everyone wants to be so fit that they can run a marathon every week—I get that. Optimum movement and mobility mean different things to different people. For someone who’s ninety years old, maybe all they want to do is feel “capable” so they can wipe their bum and tie their shoes (because bottom wipers are a real thing and I have sold many of them in my time!).

Essentially, being able to choose the most suitable and effective way to keep your body active as you evolve and mature is critical to maintaining vitality for life.

Mastering movement and becoming biomechanically efficient will have a domino effect upon everything you do in your life. Whether it’s for sports and athletics, overall fitness, or everyday life, action is vital for sustaining a sound body and avoiding injury.

In its simplest terms, to maintain optimal vitality, it’s essential to integrate consistent movement into our daily routine. If we don’t, we suffer from motion starvation and our bodies will begin to reflect the dysfunctions that we create inside, manifested as pain, illness, and structural deficits. Movement is a renewable resource that must be replenished responsibly and continuously.

Let’s learn how to get starting building the renewable movement resource.

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