Keeping Track


So, momentum, menu, mindset, and movement are all well and good. But if the connection between the cycle of mastery back to momentum is missing, you may find yourself drifting off course, with speed, only to get stuck again. The trick is to build strong, foundational, lifelong resilience to help you handle the ebbs and flows of life and to unlock and unleash abundance, fulfilment, joy, and, ultimately, success.

Do you think about how to brush your teeth or how to drive your car? It has been suggested that our subconscious dictates 95 per cent of our lives, putting us into autopilot for the regular things we have already taught our unconscious mind to do. This is habit-forming stuff, people. We can consciously make a choice to create new pathways to form healthy habits. Through practice, these become established patterns of behaviour and actions over time and we won’t need as much motivation and willpower to keep doing them