The Healthy Habit Overhaul

Creating the life we want largely relies on our habits. These automatic behavioural responses influence how we think, problem solve and manage time but, the trouble is, habits are so engrained in the daily intricacies of our lives that we often don’t even realise we have them.

That can be a serious problem when you’re trying to reach a goal. Unhealthy habits can sneak in and slow down progress, when healthy habits that could help you make headway are not yet established.

The truth is, the majority of New Year Resolutions fail year after year, and though we all aspire to get fit for summer, achieve more work/life balance, start that course or learn a new language, our perpetual “to-do” lists get longer and longer and we seem to stray further and further away from our goals.

We all want to get rid of unhealthy habits and replace them with better ones, but that’s no easy task, even if you have a lot of motivation. Motivation only takes you so far and trying to change or build numerous habits at once just isn’t realistic because of the amount of discipline and strategy involved. We’re more likely to succeed by focusing on one habit at a time and having the support of other people to keep us accountable.

This program will challenge you to create the life that you want by changing your habits.  It will help you:

  1. Create awareness and focus to develop a new healthy habit in any area of your life you choose that will help you reach a goal
  2. Work out what your current habit triggers are so you can break your engrained behavioural patterns that are keeping you stuck
  3. Transform your life through accountability and peer support

Let’s get started!