Week 1: Homework

Throughout this course, we’ll build your healthy habit skills by focusing on the skills of habit awareness, triggering your habits and developing accountability.

This week we’ll start by outlining the goals that you’d like to achieve by the end of this program.

Improve Your Habit Awareness & FocusĀ 

  1. Clearly define the habit that you want to create & practice over the 10-week course.
  2. Decide how you’d like to track your habit (e.g. app, a special notebook, spreadsheet) & record your progress achieving actioning your habit in the first week.

Improve Your Habit Triggers

  1. What has kept you ‘stuck’ from forming this habit in the past?

Improve Your Accountability & Support

  1. Share the habit that you’d like to master over the course of the program with the team.
  2. (Optional) Strike up an accountability mini-group/ pick an accountability buddy to work with from the group.