Let Food Heal For Health

I’m not really DOWN with dieting but I am UP on nourishing! Every time you eat, you provide yourself with the opportunity to fuel yourself with CLEAN and WHOLESOME food. Proper nutrition is essential for us to THINK and PERFORM at our BEST.

If you appreciate it’s wonderful NATURAL taste, SIMPLE food will nourish your mind, body and soul and is SO much better for you than medicine!

I always choose to be busy because I create OPPORTUNITY every single day. I hate cooking and would rather spend my time doing something else more enjoyable and/or conducive to productivity so I choose to have my meals prepped by a local company who can make it tastier than I can! Leading into my next bikini show, I follow a rotational meal plan, designed for me by my coach to ensure I am eating an adequate ratio of carbs, fats and proteins to supplement my training regime.

I’m a firm believer than correct nutrition PRECEDES any sort of commitment to exercise because your choice of fuel will ALWAYS dictate how well your body performs. A diverse diet of clean food is FUNDAMENTAL to performance. Don’t just CHASE rainbows – EAT them!