Loz Life – Model Release Form (For Photoshoots)

I hereby irrevocably consent to and authorise the use and reproduction by Level Up Your Life Pty Ltd (trading as Loz Life) and Dietflex Pty Ltd, its agents and licensees of all the items (originals and copies) relating to my participation in coaching for the use in online and print media.

I fully understand that this information about me may be used for advertising purposes now or any time in the future and by signing this Form I am giving up my rights under the Privacy Act in respect of that information.

The information is licensed to Level Up Your Life Pty Ltd (trading as Loz Life) and Dietflex Pty Ltd to be used in perpetuity. I understand that I am not, nor is any successor, assignee or heir of mine, entitled to any compensation now or in the future for any and all use of said items of information.

Part 1: Items of Information
  • My first name and initial
  • My photos, images and videos
  • My before and after results
  • My comments and testimonials: whether written or recorded on audio and/or video
Part 2: Authorised Uses
  • Within fitness centres associated with Loz Life
  • In advertisements for Loz Life and Dietflex; including print, banner and digital advertisements
  • On fliers and brochures of Loz Life and Dietflex
  • On the Loz Life and Dietflex websites, social media, and online advertising
  • In Loz Life and Dietflex email newsletters
  • On TV or video promoting Loz Life or Dietflex
  • On radio or recorded audio programs promoting Loz Life or Dietflex
  • On posters promoting Loz Life or Dietflex
  • Anywhere Loz Life and Dietflex is promoted

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