Mindset Matters

So lately my body had absolutely been HATING on me. It’s been quite some time since I woke up and physically felt ON POINT. But knowing that PHYSICAL pain is merely TRANSIENT, I am mindful that my body WILL heal because I KNOW my mind will ALLOW it to. Thank goodness for my RECOVERY devices and team of AMAZING of advisors!

This year has certainly been my toughest yet in terms of my health. Over the past 18 months I have absolutely PUSHED my mind, body and spirit to their LIMITS and unfortunately, my inherently poor immune system has taken quite a beating. As someone who will NEVER define myself by my autoimmune disease, nor identify as a “SICK PERSON”, I have found it challenging to listen to my body because I stubbornly and passionately strive to SMASH my goals by rising above PAIN. This past 9 months has really taught me that I MUST slow down and engage with my body because it TELLS me a lot of information that I just have continued to ignore. My positive mindset is certainly one of my GREATEST assets and I am CERTAIN that it is the VERY reason I have been able to achieve so much in my life despite physically suffering on a daily basis.

Next week I commence my journey to PHYSICAL PROSPERITY. Now that I am aware that I have been living with a massive hole in my heart for my entire life, the prospect of having it repaired and being able to function at absolute OPTIMUM capacity as a complete HUMAN BEING excites me! I am booked in for my pre-operative heart scan next week so I am PUMPED to get this li’l ticker of mine in tip-top shape so it can handle all the ENERGY I intend to throw at it next year!

Your mind is POWERFUL. Use it DAILY. You may surprise yourself at the INCREDIBLE goals you can achieve when you harness your inner AWESOMENESS!