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Preventive health is a passion of mine. Helping people to live their best lives through maximising their physical capacity, has been a driving force throughout my career.

After graduation, I decided to build on my basic skills to enable me to take my patients to a higher level. Completing a Clinical Masters achieved this, particularly in the care of spinal dysfunction / vertebral disorders. This naturally led to the field of ergonomics and an interest in helping people be as comfortable and productive at work (and at home) as possible. I consolidated this interest with a Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics and expanded my professional focus to include work – based interventions. These included not just treating injured workers but assisting with their workplace rehabilitation. This involved providing a range of strategies to prevent re – injury for the worker. These were usually then utilised as part of prevention programs for the remainder of the workforce. Preventative intervention, with one key factor being ergonomics, works well in almost any industry in companies of all sizes.

Using the unique blend of my academic training, extensive clinical skills and personal experiences, I have been able to provide high quality health services for both individuals and companies. These services have included the treatment, management and prevention of physical injuries and has been most rewarding. I strongly believe that the best outcomes are achieved with attention to both individual function and teamwork – be it the person’s social network or their workplace.

Over the years, I have found that the consistent factor in successful injury prevention and management in the workplace, is support for general well – being by owners and managers. A positive culture supported from the top is an essential ingredient in a happy and efficient workforce.

I have seen many times that attention to the ergonomics of almost any task, can contribute to significant improvements in worker well – being. As this usually results in improved productivity, everybody wins.



Tailor made to suit client’s requirements either inside normal Australian business hours or adjusted to suit evenings or weekends as required.


Address: Judy Dunning Physiotherapy is a mobile business.

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