Vivitality is an Integrative and Peak Performance Clinic.
We count with two signature programs:

‘The Balance Inflammation Program’ is a unique 12 week program designed to help men and women over 40 who have been struggling with chronic pain, chronic disease and recurrent injuries to control systemic inflammation so they can enjoy a pain-free life, improve mobility and increase their energy levels without surgeries, pharmaceutical treatments or unnecessary injections.

‘The Peak Performance Accelerator Program’ it’s a 3-stage system designed to help men and women over 40 achieve a 3-year vision plan in just 3 months and maximise their results in life to become more productive, efficient and laser focus on the areas of their life that will have more impact for them.
No more self-sabotaging, no more procrastination, no more perfectionism.



Monday:  10am to 1pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 10:30am to 6pm
Friday – Sunday:  Closed


Address: 5/22 Magnolia Drive
Brookwater, Qld 4300

OUR services

At Vivitality, our aim is to help you achieve optimal physical and mental health through non-invasive, 100% natural strategies.

We take a scientific and objective approach to identifying the root causes of chronic pain. We aim to eliminate guesswork and ensure that we have a clear understanding of what we are treating.

All Vivitality Programs and Packages are available in our Breakwater facilities and in the comfort of your own home via online sessions (3D Body composition scans are only available at the clinic).


Intro Session

$ 299
  • The introductory session allows us to determine the root of your chronic condition, set up the best strategy and achieve long-term results. This includes:
  • 1x Initial Assessment
  • 1x Styku 3D Body Scan
  • 1x Skulpt Muscle Quality Test
  • 1x Zinzino Balance Inflammation Test
  • 1x Zinzino Insulin Resistance Test
  • 1x Homeopathic Remedy
  • 1x Omega-3 Balancer

Essential Diagnostic Pack (6-weeks)

$ 1,897
  • The essential diagnostic pack allows us to assess your overall health status and monitor your improvements over the next 6-weeks while supporting you in the best way possible on your way to achieving long-term results. It includes:
  • 6 x weekly sessions
  • All in Intro Session Pack
  • FoodMarble Toxicity Test
  • Lumen Metabolic Test

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