Episode 16: Diving Deep with Anne-Marie Lasserre

Today I’m diving deep with the super inspirational Anne-Marie Lasserre to find out the success habits she uses to create incredible success in her life – and how you can too!

Listen in as Anne-Marie reveals the intricacies of her life, sharing her routines (morning, bedtime, beauty, and supplements) and a bad habit she would like to change.

She also shares the most surprising ingredients she’s come across working in the nutritional supplement industry. Trust me guys, you’ll want to hear this!

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Anne-Marie. Part 1 set the scene so to find out where we started, jump back to Episode 15 of The Healthy Habit Hotseat – From Glum to Glam with Anne-Marie Lasserre.

Watch the discussion between Loz and Anne-Marie at: 


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Who is Loz Antonenko?

Loz Antonenko is a Healthy Habit & Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Fitness Instructor, Author, Podcaster, Mindfulness Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Mat Pilates Specialist, Business Consultant & Personal Trainer.

She has a wealth of experience helping clients find success and happiness.

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To find out more about Anne-Marie Lasserre, check out https://www.instagram.com/annemarielasserre/

or email her at [email protected]

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