Episode 6: Diving Deep with Kyle Zagrodzky

Today I dive deeper with Kyle Zagrodzky, founder and CEO of OsteoStrong. Listen in as he talks biohacking – how to maximise human physical freedom and physical performance. Learn how to find fast and easy ways to improve your wellness, whether you’re held back by pain and fear, or simply desire to become stronger.

Kyle discusses his ketogenic diet and how community living is linked to longevity. This sparks off a look at how creating community is ideal, but full of challenges we still need to overcome.

We also chat about the things that help him operate at such a high level and add immense value to the lives of others. Things like habits, sleep and his approach to purposeful productivity have enabled him to help even emotionally fragile, deconditioned people find a pathway to success.

If you’re trying to discover how to feel stronger through improved musculoskeletal health, exercise selection and optimal nutrition, you’re going to want to hear what Kyle has to say!

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Kyle. To see how the conversation started, head over to Part 1 here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9kFBeTdBpI&t=3s

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To find out more about Kyle Zagrodzky, head across to his site http://www.osteostrong.me or check out OsteoStrong on Facebook and Instagram.

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