Practicing The Art of Fulfilment

A woman should be two things: WHO and WHAT she wants! No one ever became a SUCCESS by CHANCE and WITHOUT taking chances by just DOING!

So many people confuse SUCCESS with money and fame. These TANGIBLES are NOT success and on its own, and cannot sustainably bring FULFILMENT. When you think about it, success without fulfilment is the ULTIMATE failure. It’s all a bit cliche but REAL success is about chasing the intangibles – the JOURNEY, the EXPERIENCE and the FEELING.

A few months back I was delighted to hear that I have been nominated at a finalist in this year’s Ipswich Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Awards as Young Business Person of the Year and Small Business of the Year. This year has been quite a ride, so it’s humbling to be recognised by my community for my dedication and passion to help others through my daily gig with WOW! Mobility.

Today I will walk into my place of business, with absolute gratitude for what I have built over the last 11 years I’ve been in business but knowing that each day takes me one step closer to living the life of my dreams where I am not tied to a desk and am providing a far more holistic framework to the greater community so they can experience sustainable wellness at a deeper level.

You know what? Today I’d rather work from home and enjoy the serenity of my quite house and the company of my dogs. BUT I am so blessed to have created an amazing workplace that I can go to, away from home, where I have the opportunity to interact with a range of people from all walks of life who need a bit of a helping hand to become more mobile. This gives me a hell of a lot of fulfilment! The art of fulfilment can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s all about practice and it’s always worth the effort

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What’s fuelling your day?

There’s certainly a lot of products to choose from when it comes to sports supplements. We’re bombarded with products LEFT, RIGHT and CENTRE that claim to do all sorts of incredible things to our bodies. But WHEN + WHY should we take WHAT?

In the past, sports supplements have been reserved for body-builders and elite athletes but it’s 2018 and we all now demand more from ourselves than ever before to keep up with the momentum of life! I am by no means some sort of Arnold-type wannabe but I AM an incredibly BUSY lean female who wants to live her most OPTIMUM life. In conjunction with structured training and clean eating, here’s how I stack my sports supplements:

    I’ll either have a black coffee upon rising if I’m working out first thing OR I’ll choose a pre-workout supplement like Bioflex Nutrition’s BioCharge stacked with some L-Carnitine for a clean energy hit to provide me with laser focus during my afternoons. I always have a green smoothie with added glutamine at some point during my day to ensure I hit my daily vitamin and mineral intake and sooth my gut so my body is equipped to recover faster by reducing inflammation. I may even have extra protein for breakky in some oats for an on-the-go filling meal!
    I always ensure I have enough energy on heavy training days so I like to use a combination of carb sources to fuel my workouts and optimise my performance. Bioflex Carbfusion is a great choice for those who can handle gluten. ATP Infrared is another great option. Depending on my style of workout (cardio or resistance), I might also sip on BCAAs during my session to keep me going and going and going!
    Protein intake is super important when you’re active and there’s so many options when it comes to the right type of protein for you. If you’re like me and you’re sometime gluten-sensitive, Bioflex Biolife and ATP Noway is a great choice and tastes AMAZING!
  • BED
    I’ll always take a Zinc and Magnesium supplement before bed with some extra L-Glutamine so I wake up refreshed and ready to do it all again! I love ATP’s ZMST.

What’s your secret?