Dietflex Lifestyle – 12 Month WeightLoz & Wellness Program

$34.95$1,650.00 / week for 52 weeks and a $108.90 sign-up fee

If you’re looking to transform your body and live a healthier and happier life – this could be the most life-changing program you’ve ever stumbled upon.

My Wellness Program gives you EVERYTHING you need to achieve your healthy body goals and increase your overall vitality through weekly accountability coaching sessions.

Your personalised program focuses on mindset and support, to help you achieve lasting change.

While many programs simply give clients a handout and then leave them to implement the advice, my tried and tested wellness program helps with behaviour change.

As a Personal Trainer, I understand that change can be hard, and I would never say “You don’t need to come to my sessions – here’s an exercise handout for you to do by yourself”!

This is NOT a “set and forget” program where you’re handed a plan and then left alone to struggle.

My team of coaches will guide and support you through the process, and you’ll have access to new friends to share recipes, workout tips and just provide much-needed support through the “low points”.

I’ve seen this model transform lives so many times but there’s no fanfare or shortcuts.  I’m completely confident you’ll get the results if you follow the plan.

Here’s how it works…

You’ll embark on a tried and tested 12-month program that’s been designed to meet your goals, starting point, injuries, dietary requirements (and more) to help you achieve the healthy body you dream of by shifting unhealthy habits. This will become your personal “blueprint” for success.

You’ll then work your butt off (with the help of your highly experienced coach), in a supportive environment, and follow your unique plan to transform your body AND your life.

So, if you are tired of trying to change the way you look and constantly coming up short, crumbling or “falling off the wagon”, and you want some extra motivation, support and expert accountability coaching, this program is for you.

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There are so many great reasons to take action to transform your wellness, but you have to do it the right way to make it last.


Over the course of this 12-month program, regular accountability and face-to-face weekly support will help you to implement and maintain changes to your daily choices so you can:

  • Feel confident in your own skin
  • Improve your health
  • Reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases
  • Improve your ability to be more active
  • Be a positive role model

Let’s work together so you can strengthen your mind and body to claim back the energy you deserve!

You receive:

  • A Hard-Copy Member Pack: 4-Week Daily Planner, Getting Started booklet, Weight Loss Tips booklet and Low Carb Meal Ideas booklet
  • Week-by-week meal plans suitable for your individual stage of the weight loss journey.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a Dietflex Health Coach
  • Community support with Membership to the exclusive Healthy Habit Heroes Facebook Group 
  • Access to the WeightLoz & Wellness Webinar Series with weekly action tasks and handouts
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