Introductory PT Pack Session


Do any of these situations resonate with you?

  • Perhaps you’re not as far along as you’d thought you’d be by now with your fitness/strength/weight loss?
  • Maybe you’re still not confident with some of the fancy looking equipment we have but really want to give it a go?
  • You’re looking for a simple exercise program to follow to make workouts more efficient but challenging and rewarding.
  • Or you might be ready for a bit of a kick up the butt and some accountability to help you maintain momentum over the pending “new year” season?

If any of these stand out for you, let’s have a chat about how we can fast-track your goals and then run through a workout to see how you move and pick up on any physical imbalances and asymmetries you might have before we move into more structured training – nothing scares me more than people lifting weights and training hard who have limited postural awareness (that’s how a lot of injuries happen).

Get 2 x 45 min Introductory PT Sessions for only $79!


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