Premium Performance Pack

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Exercise anywhere with the Loz Life Premium Performance Pack! Comprising of 3 thick colour-coded comfort bands and 2x slider discs, these go-to workout accessories are functional and practical.

Suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced athletes, these cotton bands and slider discs will be the perfect addition to your workouts. From squats to crunches and Pilates – your choice of three different strength bands and sizes lets you continually challenge your glutes for maximum activation and growth.

The 2 reversible plastic discs with padded neoprene backing are portable and versatile training tools allows you to add another dimension to your workout. These sliding discs can be used to perform a range of upper and lower body exercises, engaging your core to improve strength and stability. Suitable for hard floors and carpet, they hold tight to these surfaces and provide grip as you perform your workout and are the perfect addition to your workouts.

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Set includes:
Resistance Bands
  • 1x Convenient mesh travel pouch – take your bands anywhere!
  • 1x Large 17″ LIGHT (Grey) Band: 14-25 lbs
  • 1x Medium 15″ MODERATE (Pink) Band: 25-35 lbs
  • 1x Small 13″ HEAVY (Black) Band: 40-50 lbs

Slider Discs

  • Diameter: 17.8cm
  • Colour: Black


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