reTreat Yo’self – Self-care Day for Business Babes

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We will start our intimate day retreat experience at City Cave Ipswich with a heart-opening Bend & Flow session, led by Loz. Feel your body move to the music as you learn to focus your attentive awareness on your body and breath. Stretch and release any tension before finishing with a Savasana to integrate and align your practice to take you into your first treatment.

From the mat to the float tank, sauna and massage table, you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated as your self-care sessions await. You will experience sensations to bring your body to total relaxation and back to life as you sooth sore muscles, soak your soul and detoxify.

To wind up our time together, Loz will bring you back home with a high-tech meditation using, powered by Muse. Using brain-sensing technology, you’ll learn to surrender to a harmonious yet bespoke sound-scape created from your own brainwaves using real-time biofeedback.

Please note, participants will require their own smart phone and headphones. Please download the Muse meditation app (link) and create your own account before our time together to ensure a smooth transition into our meditation.

Enjoy light herbal refreshments and delicious healthy grazing boxes throughout the day.


Tuesday 9th August 2022, Tuesday 2nd August 2022, Tuesday 13th September 2022 @ City Cave Springfielf