The “Mindful Intentions” Healthy Habit Challenge

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Improve your habits, improve your life!

This challenge will help you regain your focus and design your perfect life.

The “Mindful Intentions” Healthy Habit Challenge has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.  If you are looking to improve your healthy habits, we recommend a Fab-u-Loz Pathway.

Sorry. This product has been discontinued.

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Mindful Intentions are daily, thoughtful acts to map a life you truly enjoy. In this 2-week Healthy Habit Challenge, you will be guided through 14 intentions. You will start to live less on autopilot, and become more conscious about setting intentions. The greater awareness you develop by living a more mindful life, the more focused you become to accomplish your goals.

This 2-week Healthy Habit Challenge will help you experience and learn a simple practice of mindfulness.