Theragun Percussive Massage

$33.00 inc. GST

Want to treat tired limbs? Let the Theragun self-massage device take your session to a whole new level!

Theragun is ideal for treating muscle tension in tight shoulders, sore backs and general muscle soreness throughout the body.

Using professional grade percussive therapy, this tool provides self-applied massage to reduce muscle and joint pain, improve mobility, and enhance performance.

It’s just like the feeling of a deep tissue massage, without the pain!


Now you can get an amazing regular massage (or one off) for a great price. Theragun is hand held and shaped to easily reach your own back, so you can easily control the exact area you’d like to focus on.

Sessions held at Snap Fitness (Karalee)

Theragun sessions are held at Snap Fitness Karalee (3 Perseverance St, Karalee). You DON’T have to be a gym member to attend.

Book now & release your muscle tension

Simply book your session online, selecting your preferred date and time. Try it once and you’ll be absolutely amazed at how effective Theragun really is.

Read the guide to learn more about the Theragun product.

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