Trigger Ball

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Like your own personal mobile physio, these Trigger Balls act as a DIY therapist and mimics digging their elbow into a tight muscle to release it. This small compact ball delivers direct deep tissue compression for fast relief of aches, pains and muscle fatigue. Designed to replicate the pressure of a massage therapist’s band, the MB1 is ideal for targeting small muscles such as calves, pecs and piriformis (buttock).

Muscles that are too tight to move through a range of motion of a movement make not just that muscle more prone to injury, but the joints affected by that tight muscle also.  Areas that generally require this release: Hips, Traps, Glute Med, ITB (outside of the Quad), Rhomboid and Pec.

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  • Ideal for use on feet, glutes, hips, back, shoulders and forearms
  • Latex/rubber-free to prevent allergies
  • Easily access trigger points for self tension relief

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm