Psychosocial hazards and your workplace

As business owners, we all want our employees to be happy, healthy, and productive. But did you know that psychosocial hazards and risks can have a significant impact on our employees’ well-being and performance? This is why it is critical for ourselves as business owners to take steps in managing these hazards and risks in the workplace.


Recently, the new code of practice Managing the Risk of Psychosocial Hazards at Work Code of Practice 2022 has been introduced. This code outlines the steps that employers need to take to manage psychosocial hazards and risks in the workplace. This is important because, in addition to the ethical responsibility to care for our employees, employers now have a legal obligation to ensure that our workplaces are safe and healthy.


If you’re not aware, psychosocial hazards refer to workplace factors that can impact our employees’ mental health and well-being. These hazards can include factors such as job demands, workload, work schedule, interpersonal relationships, and organizational culture. If they’re are not managed correctly, they can lead to stress, burnout, and other mental health issues.


The new code of practice provides a framework for identifying, assessing, and managing psychosocial hazards and risks in the workplace and is designed to help employers create a safe and healthy work environment that promotes employee well-being, productivity, and engagement.


If you are a Queensland business owner, it is essential to familiarize yourself with this new code of practice and take steps to implement it in your workplace. This might involve conducting a risk assessment, developing policies and procedures, and providing training and support to employees.


If you are unsure about how to identify and manage psychosocial hazards in your workplace, book a call with me and we can work through your concerns together. As a seasoned business owner with years of experience, I can help you figure out the hazards in your workplace and develop a plan to manage them effectively.


Managing psychosocial hazards and risks in your workplace is critical for the health, well-being, and productivity of our employees.  And by managing these risks you’ll be improving both the health of yourself and your organisation. So, if you need help in managing psychosocial hazards in your workplace, book a call with me today, and let’s get started!