Ready for 2022? It’s Not Too Late to Start to Gather Momentum

Yes, it’s Christmas. Yes, you’re super busy going to all the parties and doing all the festive things. It’s very easy to say, “I’ll start my weight loss journey next year, after the silly season”.
I get it. It’s easier to put it off, but, as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
What if you started today with one small step?
What if you made the decision that, despite the parties and delicious food, you were going to start focus on one healthy new habit today?
Creating a happy life starts with building habits – because habits are the actions we take day after day which ultimately define our success (or lack thereof!).
Building healthy habits isn’t an easy task. We all know the drill: consistency is key to creating a habit and building momentum.
So, what is momentum? Momentum is ENERGY in motion, driving us forward.
It’s such a great feeling when you know you have it, right? Everything falls into place, and you see actual results, which spurs you on to staying focused … which leads to more positive results and more momentum.
But be warned, momentum can supercharge our journey towards our goals, but it can just as easily steamroll us in the wrong direction, without any effort at all.
Maintaining momentum matters, especially when it comes to long-term weight loss success and creating positive lifestyle changes and habits.
Creating these healthy habits – and habit stacking – is actual a pretty simple process. It’s sticking to them that’s the difficult bit.
So, what is habit stacking? It’s a method used to link a new behaviour to an already established habit. It’s stacking something positive over the top of something negative.

It all starts with one commitment. One intention. Once decision. It doesn’t have to be a big habit. In fact, it’s best to start small.
Making any new behaviour change stick is tricky and needs repetition and discipline. Your brain needs to get used to these new behaviours without it being too hard to do.

Established habits are easy to follow. They become automatic. So, with a little bit of preparation and commitment at the start, you can create habits that set you up for ongoing success.
It’s crucial to find a rhythm and not to push yourself too hard, but hard enough that you still see results.
Want to become healthier? Walk 20 minutes a day … it will become a habit.
Want to become a better swimmer? Start with 500m twice a week … it will become a habit.
Want to eat healthier foods? Focus on reducing the carbs and increasing the amount of fresh foods you eat for just one meal each day, daily … it will become a habit
Don’t push yourself too hard. Especially at this time of year.
The hard part, in the beginning, is the habit-stacking and building process, not the habit itself. Once you are used to it, you can increase the intensity.
Just commit to one new habit today, and by 2022 you will already have a healthy new habit and some positive momentum.
What healthy new habit are you going to commit to today, so that you kick-start the new year with momentum?
·       Increasing the amount of protein in your diet?
·       Moving more?
·       Eating less carbs?
·       Replacing sugary drinks with low carb alternatives, such as vodka, lime and soda?
·       Getting more sleep?
·       Trying a new sport or activity?
·       Drinking less coffee?
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