Ready, Set, Go!

As a Healthy Habit Coach, all my lived experience just forms part of my ability to reach out to more people as our journeys intersect. Fuelling our bodies adequately is fundamentally the most important part of creating sustainable wellness. Without this, we CANNOT optimise our minds or bodies. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a PFO (a hole in my heart) and, in 2018, I underwent life-changing surgery to have it repaired. I’d had this hole my ENTIRE life and my surgeon has advised that once it’s repaired, I would feel AMAZING! What a success!

Thanks to this hole, I’ve struggled immensely throughout my life to feel good and have been forced to seek ways to ensure feeling good has become part of my daily life. I’ve ditched bad habits, changed my lifestyle choices, lost a stack of weight and already feel and look my best, despite having this hole. This hole has actually been the BEST thing that’s happened to me! My secret? OPTIMUM nutritional intake, QUALITY supplements, HEALTHY mindset, REGULAR mobility and GOALS.

  • I always choose quality, natural sports supplements to keep me strong.
  • I’m fuelled daily with quality clean food to ensure I receive adequate nutrients to get me through my day.
  • I keep my meals on hand in a refrigerated carry bag.
  • I always choose a black shot of coffee as my morning pick-me-up because it soothes my digestive system and is a great CLEAN alternative to pre-workout.
  • To support my immune system, I rely on ATP Science and their INCREDIBLE range of products.
  • For pain management, I am obsessed with Compex, Normatec Compression, GameReady, Theragun and Celluma LED Light to keep my tired body rejuvenated and ready to rock (I’ve actually started another business to make these technologies more accessible because they’re THAT good).
  • Let your ADVERSITY become your GREATEST ADVANTAGE. If I can do it, so can you because YOU freaking ROCK!