Releasing My Inner Nerd

So you’re a little weird? WORK it!. You’re a little different? OWN it! Embrace your uniqueness but don’t be afraid to explore other dimensions to your personality.

At heart, I’m quite a nerd. I’m the kind of person who gets cramps in their thumbs from writing full sentences when they text!

I studied IT, graphic design, animation, gender studies, autobiographical writing, short film and contemporary society at university (amongst a LOT of other things) and I have a thirst for knowledge in fitness, health and wellness. I believe in continued education but NOTHING compares to life experience when you want to get something done and FEEL it.

For most of my life, I have been known for my intellect rather than my physical aesthetic and I was always teased because I was smart and basically “unattractive”. Fundamentally, I am grateful that this has been the case as I have been forced to develop my personality and now possess a deep appreciation of internal radiance.

Moving into fitness modelling as a mature adult has been completely frightening because it’s pushed my internal self, way beyond the limits of my comfort zone and inherently challenged my entire perception of external self. The person I have now become is just an extension of the authentic person I have always been – just Version 1.2 – and it’s not really backwards compatible.

Moral to the story: Let your unbridled passion for whatever you love continue to define you as a person without FEAR of judgement by others. The moments that DEFINE lives aren’t always obvious. Be MORE than meets the eye!