Starting Small – Your New Life Starts With a Single Step

Taking the first step towards improving your health and fitness can be overwhelming. I get it. I’ve been there too. But I’ve got a secret … the journey really does just start with one step (literally and figuratively). One decision. One new habit.

First up, you need to identify that there’s something you want to change in your life and own that this change is completely within your power. Yes, it’s totally on you.

Taking complete ownership of your life is the single most powerful thing you can do on your journey to living your best life. Why? Because suddenly you realise that the buck stops with you. No more excuses. No more blame game. If you succeed or fail, it’s all on you.

Especially when it comes to moving more and getting into shape.

No one can make you get out of bed early and walk for 45 minutes before you start your day.

No one can force you to sign up to that gym membership.

Just as there’s no one to blame if you neglect to join that 12-week online challenge that totally would have helped you achieve your health and fitness goals.

So, now you’ve taken complete responsibility for your physical fitness, or lack thereof, what’s next?

I suggest you eat the elephant one bite at a time – aka start with small, achievable goals. Focus on one goal, or microstep, at a time, by following these tips.

  1. Write down one small, realistic goal.
  2. Pick one form of fitness that works for you.
  3. Pop it in the calendar – plan your workouts and schedule them like a meeting.
  4. Start with 15 minutes a day and build up!
  5. Find yourself an accountability buddy – someone to walk with, gym with etc.
  6. Focus on what your body can do, rather than what it cannot.
  7. Use an app or find a challenge to join if you need that extra motivation.
  8. Keep your workout clothes visible and handy.
  9. Plan a reward for each time to achieve a goal – new shoes, a massage, that dress that’s on sale.
  10. Incorporate exercise into your workday – try a work meeting?
  11. Stay optimistic and be kind to yourself if you miss a day or a session.
  12. Plan small changes that add up – take the stairs, park an extra block away from the office etc.
  13. Use social media to keep you accountable – share a photo after your workout.
  14. Habit stack!

Sure, you can also track your success on the scales or using a tape measure, but I also urge you to keep track of your mental health and self-talk. Moving more is just as good for your emotional and psychological wellbeing as it is your physical.

And it’s the first step towards moving, eating, sleeping, and recovering better, and living your very best life.

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