Starting Strong in 2022

Christmas is officially done and dusted … and what a day it was! It’s likely you ate and drank all the things, and even had a second helping of Nanna’s Christmas pudding. That’s okay, don’t feel bad, it’s just one day of the year.

With the season of overindulgence in the rear vision mirror, well almost, that can only mean one thing … a new year is just around the corner.

And we all know what a new year brings with it, right?

An overabundance of lofty goals, almost impossible resolutions, and promises to do/be/live better and to get fit/skinny/healthier.

Well laid plans and all that, but it’s a lot of pressure.

Gyms love January. We all head off to purchase an annual membership, with the genuine intention of becoming a regular.

Alas, it doesn’t always happen. Why not? Because we put too much pressure on ourselves to do too much.

The problem is we go way too big!

If we do not achieve that supermodel bikini body in two weeks, we feel overwhelmed, anxious or guilty, so we slip back into old habits.

So how can you ensure that you’ll start 2022 with strong and achievable resolutions (aka goals)? Here are my tips!

  1. Take time for reflection. You can’t start something new if you haven’t ended the old. Reflect on the wins and the losses (be kind to yourself), and to really consider what you want to achieve in 2022. Then clean the slate. It’s time to start the new chapter!
  2. Commit to creating new, health habits. It’s time to learn how to habit stack – aka replacing a negative habit with a positive one, and the importance of momentum here ( Making the commitment is the first step.
  3. Pick a habit, make like Nike, and just do it! Drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up. Walk 15 minutes each day. Make better food choices. Just pick one thing and focus on it until it becomes an unconscious habit. Then move onto the next one.
  4. Get a coach or someone to hold you accountable. Research shows that it’s way easier to give up on a goal if you don’t have a coach to hold you accountable. So, find one! I promise you will stay more focused on achieving your goals with someone checking in with you regularly.
  5. Don’t self sabotage (and be kind to yourself). So you a few extra drinks and found yourself at the kebab shop. Who cares? It’s just one night. Don’t throw in the towel and head straight to the nearest Macca’s for an Oreo McFlurry or 10. Just tell yourself it’s okay to slip up, and get back on track. Messing up once doesn’t undo all of your good work. Tomorrow is always a new day.
  6. Find a program that works for you. This can be overwhelming because there are so many programs, shakes, meal replacements and apps promising health, fitness and bikini model bodies. It can be overwhelming. Do you research before committing to a program. My one tip – always choose a change in lifestyle over a diet program. Because education about real food choices will serve you well for the rest of your days.
  7. Replace one vice. So, you love coffee? Maybe replace one with a tea each day. Can’t resist a G&T? Use soda water instead of sugary tonic. Have to have a wine daily? Try a mineral water with fresh lime instead.


If you’d like to feel Fit, Full and Fab in 2022, join me on my first 12-week challenge for 2022 – launching 24 January. To learn more visit my website.

This challenge will help you achieve all of the above, and more!

Here’s to starting strong in 2022, no matter what your goals.