Loz's Products

Here you’ll find a range of products that Loz recommends because she uses and knows they work.

Resistance Band Packs

Exercise anywhere with the Loz Life Cotton Resistance Band Triple Set! Comprising of 3 thick colour-coded comfort bands, these go-to workout accessories are both durable  and flexible so they won’t roll up and interfere with your workouts!
Suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced athletes, these cotton bands will be the perfect addition to your workouts – from squats to crunches and Pilates – your choice of three different strength levels and sizes lets you continually challenge your glutes for maximum activation and growth.
1x Convenient mesh travel pouch – take your bands anywhere!
1x Large 17″ LIGHT (Grey) Band: 14-25 lbs
1x Medium 15″ MODERATE (Pink) Band: 25-35 lbs
1x Small 13″ HEAVY (Black) Band: 40-50 lbs 

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Over 21 days, Loz will help you establish a healthy habit as she guides you on a meditation journey toward living with passion and abundance.

Guidance is delivered digitally, so you can learn and progress in the comfort of your own home.

In this 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Loz will build you up from a quick three-minute daily practice all the way to a cool 20-minute session. After these few weeks, you’ll be ready to hit the cushion and, hopefully, feel a little more chill.

Affirmation Card Decks

Become inspired with your very own set of affirmation cards. Stick them in your diary, around your workspace or on your fridge for daily reminders, or gift them to yourself or loved ones needing a touch of enlightenment in their day!

With Positive Affirmation Deck of 32 or a Weight Loss Affirmation Deck of 23 cards to choose from, these sets are available as a digital download or double-sided printed deck.

Each empowering deck of supportive and self affirming statements helps you find acceptance for the divine being that you are.  Enlightening, simple messages can help reprogram self destructive thoughts, remind us to forgive and be present in life.

Printed decks are presented in a beautiful matching box, so they can be stored neatly and safely, ready for use in any moment you seek clarity, focus and inspiration.