The Anxiety Challenge

It is not FEAR that stops you from doing the BRAVE and TRUE thing in your daily life. Rather, the problem is AVOIDANCE. Think back to all those things you’ve just held-off from and pushed under the rug…

As humans, we want to feel COMFORTABLE so we avoid doing or saying the thing that will evoke fear and other difficult emotions. Avoidance will make you FEEL less vulnerable in the short run but, it will never make you less AFRAID.

We may BELIEVE that anxiety and fear don’t concern us because we avoid experiencing them. We may keep the scope of our lives NARROW and FAMILIAR, opting for sameness and safety. We may not even KNOW that we are scared of success, failure, rejection, criticism, conflict, competition, intimacy, or adventure, because we rarely test the limits of our competence and creativity. We AVOID anxiety by avoiding risk and CHANGE.

Here’s your CHALLENGE: This week, be willing to become more anxious by embracing new situations and stepping more fully into our lives. Go and ask for a discount on your coffee or next restaurant meal and see what manifests! Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? Today – it’s your chance to dance with fear. Push yourself – you’ll know your limits – but don’t be afraid to cross them