The Power of Momentum

Sometimes we UNDER-ESTIMATE and OVER-THINK the extent of our own power. Sometimes we have absolutely NO idea of what we are capable of. What is it that DRIVES you? What is it that keeps you in MOTION? We are ALL capable of making our WILDEST dreams a reality because dreams? They’re nothing more than a GOAL without a PLAN!

My biggest challenge has been to manage my TIME. I have promised MYSELF that I will wake up half hour earlier EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why? WHY NOT? The morning is the most MAGNIFICENTLY MAGICAL part of the day, my GOALS are calling and SUCCESS is nothing but a SHIFT in MINDSET!

Moving your body is one of the most POWERFUL tools you posses to change the way you THINK and FEEL. Progress and MOTION are the ULTIMATE keys to happiness. The truth is, we all habitually have created PATTERNS within our lives – some are conducive to FULFILMENT and POSITIVE outcomes and some, well, aren’t so much. You KNOW what I’m talking about…

Earlier this year, I IMMERSED myself in 50+ hours of COMPLETELY transformative activities and have cried, screamed, yelled, sat, stood, moved, hugged, meditated, bounced and moved myself in the most PROFOUND depths of MY being when I attended Tony Robbins; Unleash the Power Within event in Sydney. The past twelve months, I have learned SO MUCH about how I OPERATE, what I WANT, where I WAS and where I’m GOING. But the GREATEST lesson I’ve learnt is that MOVEMENT and MOMENTUM are the KEY to PROGRESS and pivotal to shifting your ENERGY.

Are you struggling to find your WHY? What’s holding you back from UNLEASHING your POWER?

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