The Truth About Goals

Set a GOAL that makes you want to JUMP out of bed in the morning because that FIRST step towards getting SOMEWHERE is to decide that you are NOT going to stay where you are.

For me, cooler months can be a LITTLE demotivating because I LOVE snuggling up in my warm bed. I’m not normally a morning person but recently, I’ve been waking up EARLY to catch the BEAUTIFUL morning sun – it’s always at its MOST gorgeous just after sunrise. This has helped motivate me to go for a walk and do a stack of important GOAL-RELATED activities BEFORE I start my day and it gives me SO much more energy! It’s been a goal of mine to wake up earlier and although I don’t do it EVERY SINGLE DAY, when I make that small change, I certainly feel better for it!

It’s your choice – if you feel STUCK, THINK about going after the life you WANT, otherwise you’ll end up just staying in the same place, DREAMING of the things that you believe are out of reach. Sometimes, the SMALLEST changes can make the BIGGEST difference! Focus on your GOAL and ALWAYS remember your WHY.