Food Tips

A well-stocked pantry can be an excellent tool for maintaining a balanced diet. If you are active, like me, stock up on foods that offer a quick, easy, balanced meal.  Use guides below to help you stock your pantry with the elements that will build the best food habits.

If you’re busy with work, juggling a hundred things at once, and you don’t have the time to cook a delicious meal, supplements could be the best way to ensure your menu is sustainable and easy to follow, even on a busy schedule. In saying that, I certainly don’t believe everyone needs them. I suggest only using them after you’ve been following an optimised diet for a while because some people (especially men) rely on them to see results, which is, of course, unsustainable. Nonetheless, a good quality multi-omega and non-synthetic multi-vitamin is definitely a combination I recommend most people take for overall vitality.

Water will help with the reboot process, and will also help to curb your hunger, if needed, too—so you must consume two to four litres per day.

Sleep is where we spend about a third of our lives, but the majority of us don’t put enough energy into improving it.  Get yourself out of the majority with my guide to sleep below.